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Accept Credit Card payments Without Machine

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Affiliate Programs That Don't Require Approval

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Make your own website or hire someone. GroovePages offers both ease and expertise for a balanced choice.

DIY vs. Website Builder: Which Is The Better Choice?

Explore the decision of building a website from scratch versus using a website builder. And learn how's software bridges the gap, offering efficient and creative website creation solutions.

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What Is An Autoresponder In Email Marketing

Dive into the world of autoresponders in email marketing and discover how can be your ultimate solution to overcome email marketing challenges

Elements Of A Sales Page

Unlock the secrets to crafting a captivating sales page, understand the key elements that compel users to act, and discover why is your go-to solution.

8 Social Media Lead Generation Ideas

Discover eight social media lead generation ideas to try in your next 2023 campaign.

Creating Websites Without HTML Hassles

Discover how to create stunning websites without writing HTML. From intuitive builders to GroovePages, make web design simple, fun, and accessible.

Best Subject Lines For Follow-Up Emails

Discover how to craft effective subject lines for follow-up emails and how can streamline this process, ensuring your emails get opened and read.

2-Tier Commission-Paying Affiliate Program

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Free Video Email Marketing Software

Discover the future of email marketing with, a powerful free tool that effortlessly combines video content and email marketing to boost engagement and click-through rates.

How to Create A Blog For Free And Make Money

Uncover blog monetization secrets and tap into profit potential. Implement effective methods for a successful, money-making blog.

All-In-One Software For Small Business

Discover Groove Digital's all-in-one solutions, and Streamline small business operations, boost efficiency, promote growth. Start free trial and revolutionize your business today.

Free Funnel Builder For Affiliate Marketing

Take your affiliate marketing to the next level with, your one-stop solution for building high-converting sales funnels, managing email campaigns, and much more!

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Want to earn more with fewer sales? Dive into high-ticket affiliate marketing and learn how to tap into this lucrative market, even as a beginner.

The Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

After thorough research, stands out as the top choice for small businesses, offering unmatched customization and seamless e-commerce features, ensuring unparalleled online success.

Strategies for Maximizing Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

How can upselling lead to happier and more loyal customers? Learn the benefits of engaging users at the right moment and enhancing product experiences through effective upselling strategies.

How To Segment Email Lists

Tired of one-size-fits-all email campaigns? Discover the power of email list segmentation and learn how can streamline this process for you.

The Not-So-Scary Monster in Your Digital Closet

Overcome website-building fears with our guide! Discover costs from freelancers to agencies, groove with GroovePages in DIY Lane. Click, conquer, create!

A Fun Guide to Building Your Business Website

Discover the fun of building a unique, engaging business website with's free plan! Unleash creativity & grow your online empire effortlessly.

5 Savvy Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Master the art of boosting sales and satisfying customers with our 5 savvy strategies. Understand needs, recommend wisely, highlight benefits, create scarcity, and empower your team.

Manifest Away

Musings on the trappings of success, the fleeting nature of it all, and why manifestation is largely a choice.

Five Smart Ways to Increase Your Website’s SEO Traffic

The best way to increase traffic to your website with SEO? Be relevant and consistent. Discover the 5 smart ways to increase your website’s SEO traffic.

Make Mistakes Count

A brief reminder of how valuable mistakes can be and what we can do to make them count!

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT, AutoGPT, Plugins, and Microsoft Jarvis

Revolutionize digital marketing with AI advancements like ChatGPT, AutoGPT, Plugins & Microsoft Jarvis. Automate workflows, enhance interactions & reshape funnels for unparalleled results

Do I Need My Own Website for Affiliate Marketing?

Along with some tips for those who want to start affiliate marketing without a website, this article also provides step-by-step guide on how to make an affiliate website using GroovePages.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing To Start

Discover how to start high ticket affiliate marketing, choose the right products, and scale your business for maximum success.

Earn Respect With The Truth

A gripping story of a young man admitting his foibles, taking responsibility and earning a ton of respect through his truth.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important to a Business?

Why is SEO important? SEO is crucial because it helps boost your credibility, which means more traffic and opportunity to convert potential prospects. And with Groove it won't cost...

Little Mouse

An unexpected late-night encounter with a tiny creature leads to a sense of wonder, a lovely interlude, and the joy of freedom.

Killer Openings

How killer openings hook `em and bring `em in--and what you need to do to develop and master them!

Lend A Hand

A trip on a kayak into the sea, a late afternoon sunset, and some encouraging words make all the difference for a 4-year-old who overcomes his fear and jumps.

Fact or Fiction

Does perception equal reality? Can you fake it `til you make it? Explore the power of telling yourself “Yes, I can!”

I Want To Start A Blog And Make Money

Learn how to turn your blog into a profitable business with these tips, including choosing the right niche, creating high-quality content, building your audience, and monetizing your blog through...

Doom Or Bloom

Good or bad, positive or negative, sunny or cloudy - isn’t it always a choice?

Nestling Into Niches: How To Build Authority Through Content

What a niche is and how it can boost your SEO and authority on any subject? A great way to improve your SEO is through authority in providing quality content through niche…

Don't Be So Cool

Why cynics and critics seldom make it--and stay miserable in the process of failing.

GrooveFunnels SEO

Improve your website’s ranking with GrooveFunnels™. With Groove you have access to tons of tutorials and training, which would have you up and running to professionally optimize your...

Do It Now

3 key ways to cut down on procrastination and get some of your life back!

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Ecommerce Website From Scratch?

eCommerce websites are a great way to make money! But how much would it cost to build your own eCommerce website? Let’s find out!

A Soulful Tribute

Go from numb to committed because of a fatal accident, lessons from a dying fawn.

Best Drag and Drop Website Builder For SEO

Groove is designed to help users build landing pages using powerful drag and drop elements. With NO Coding Needed this site builder...

A Dog's Day

Catch the world (and powerful insights) through the hilarious eyes of a golden retriever!

Is It Too Late To Get Into Ecommerce?

Have you missed the eCommerce boat? We explain why this is the perfect time to get started, and what to look forward to in a future with eCommerce.

This Heart's Not For Sale

How a real estate transaction reminds us of the need to open our hearts always.

Differentiate Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO is everything that happens on your site, this includes content, images, videos, keyword…Off-Page deals with strategies applied outside of your website. These focus on different types of…

Through A Stork's Eyes

What does the swaying of a stork tell us about ourselves? What can we learn?

Too Late For A Report Card

Learn from the sad musings of a broken old man trying to understand where his relationship went south…

How Search Engines Are Helpful To E-Commerce

Want to sell your product online? E-commerce SEO is helpful to your store to receive more traffic. Expand your reach by making your page an Seo-friendly e-commerce site with GrooveKart.

What Special Dogs Know

Learn the power of focus as viewed through the lens of a seeing eye dog--thought provoking.

Are Page Builders Bad For SEO?

Groove SEO is one of the best Page Builders that is specifically designed for marketing and is offered totally free. Our easy-to-use SEO elements will help you improve your number of search results...

Why Make It So Hard

A gentle reminder from the Spanish family tradition of why it’s a good idea to open our ears and listen to our elders.

How to Increase Web Traffic And Earn Money With Email Marketing

AI and Machine Learning have become emergent technologies in the digital marketing realm. But how can they help enhance your own marketing campaigns?

Where Eagles Soar

Take a trip with the Blue Angels to discover what excellence looks like--and what you might do to attain it for yourself!

How AI and Machine Learning are Affecting Digital Marketing

AI and Machine Learning have become emergent technologies in the digital marketing realm. But how can they help enhance your own marketing campaigns?

That Perfect Day

That perfect day - A bittersweet tribute to a lost friend and the memory of a perfect day.

Best SEO Strategy For Ecommerce Website

The best strategy for ecommerce SEO on the web… SEO for ecommerce is essential. Your SEO strategy focuses on building your business/brand to rank better, so all of that traffic…

Will You Know?

Lessons from The Conscious One on remembering that we don’t know what we don’t know and yet we must continue to seek.

7 Tips For Personalizing Your Emails And Hit The "Human" Connection

Personalizing emails can result in better engagement, which eventually results in better sales. Learn the 7-best ways to make your email marketing more responsive by connecting with your customers.

Why So Strict?

Why so strict? A lesson on the unerring value of integrity and doing the right thing.

How Much Time Period Is Required To Get A Google Page Ranking

Want to know the required time period to get your page ranking? There is no specific time period required. Plus, Groove comes fully outfitted with numerous apps to get multiple search engine rankings.

Silly Humans

A whimsical dialogue between two hummingbirds about the trials and tribulations of silly humans and their relationship woes.

Why Is Mobile SEO Important

Mobile SEO is important because this allows users to peruse the page easily from their device. Whether it is a phone or tablet, have your page mobile responsive that way users can click, reach text…

The Last Cigarette

A heart-wrenching tale of a dying woman’s final request and a release of any judgment about it.

8 Ways To Make Money Online With Groove

Here are 8 ways to earn money online, while gaining some valuable experience with Groove. The platform provides everything you need to easily get started. From selling products, affiliate marketing…

These Magic Fingers

A story of appreciation for our fingers and our hands and all the magic they create for us…

What Is Allintitle In Google

Want to know how to leverage Google to benefit your SEO needs? Essentially, allintitle in google is a search operator which assists you in discovering specific keywords within the webpage's title.

The Dark Before Dawn

Discover the wonders of the night, when the elves and the pixies dance, and when your own creativity is at its peak...the magical hour.

Cough, Sneeze But Don’t Decide

Do yourself a favor - when you don’t feel your best, save your big decisions for when you do!

Cross The Line

When did we decide that giving up before finishing is okay? It’s not…find out more…

Clean Your Room

Clean Your Room - Don't let your room be filled with clutter...Come on grab those supplies and gather all that dirty laundry....Don’t let clutter rob you…you and your time are too valuable…

Champion Ways

An old man shares lessons with his grandson, particularly about the value of rising when you fall.

Butterfly Waves

The wanderer wonders if the wings of a butterfly on one side of the earth can cause a tsunami on the other side.

Break The Mold

A brief reminder of the need to step out, try harder and never give up--time to break the mold.

Behind Closed Doors

A poet takes a nostalgic walk around a retirement community, a little too neat, as if waiting to die were a virtue.

Burn Me Up

What happens when you eat too much hot sauce? What’s the cost of never trying? Find out what chili peppers can teach us about life and the art of living.

Always Greener

Enjoy the debate between two friends about the value of money as well as its cost--and the need to earn it in order to appreciate it.

Beautiful Day Blues

Beautiful Day Blues! What do you do when you have a basic case of the blues? Take a walk on the beach and see what you discover...on the sand and about yourself.

A Walk

Catch this simple story of a boy on a walk struggling with how to love, and his journey as he yearns to open up.

Treasures Of The Heart

We spend half our lives pacing not thinking, chasing a mere material reality. Treasures of the heart, when found you’d see these treasures are not hard to find. They surround us everyday!

Train Your Mind

Streamline your approach by staying two steps ahead. Analyzing all variables, make better choices. Play offense and defense as you work your way towards achieving balance, enhance and train your mind.

Unknown Pathways

So many of us wander the planet without direction. What is our purpose and what do we choose to make important? When do we take the time to look at our lives, and chart our own course?

Yes You Can

Yes, You Can is a reminder to go after your dreams, not settle and if you’ve taken a pause, dust them off and bust them out again…because you AND your dreams are worth it.

Go Back To School

We don't grow when we win. We need to bust out of our protective shell and take risks, with a clear understanding that we will misjudge, mix up, make fools of ourselves and face unpleasant situations…

Inch By Inch

What if today was the last day you had to do something you have been meaning to? Did you let opportunities slide by? How to live life to the fullest... inch by inch.

Are Webinars Good For SEO

Having more content is always good for SEO. Better yet, live webinars or recordings with good content would attract customers, and build loyalty. All while effectively promoting your brand or product.

A Fresh New Start

A Fresh New Start: A story of how perspective can change and transformation can occur with being vulnerable and being willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Crown Your Life With Meaning

Crown Your Life: A recent study of a group of people over the age of 100 queried the participants as to what they might do differently if they had their lives to live over again. These merged…

Best Place To Learn SEO Online

Want to learn SEO online? Best place is by visiting There is no better resource to master SEO skills and strategies. By visiting Grooves Fast Start Marketing Lab you can get started today.

How Many Words Should A Blog Post Be For SEO?

Blog posts generate high traffic even with very little content. No minimum is required for how many words a post should be for SEO. And, GrooveBlog is free, simple and suitable for all blogging needs.

Blog Subdomain Vs Subdirectory SEO

Which is better for blog SEO subdomain vs subdirectory? Typically, subdirectories are better for SEO. While blog subdomain and subdirectory share some similarities, subdirectory is more capable…

How To Check How Many Backlinks A Site Has

Backlinks are essential to SEO, these help build a site's authority. Want to know how to check how many backlinks a site has? Backlink checker tools can be complicated, here is where Groove comes in…

Custom Domain vs Free Subdomain Backlinks

Learning which to choose for a more effective SEO strategy. Your subdomain must build its own reputation through its own backlinks, these sit outside the main domain. Free domains do build authority.

SEO H1 Tags Best Practices

Best practices for SEO H1 tags? H1 has always been crucial for SEO and continues to be a major ranking… By matching your H1s to title tags, also using an H1 on every page provides massive SEO benefits

How To Get Thousands Of Backlinks

Interested to learn how to get thousands of backlinks? Simple, by getting your website linked quickly and legitimately through Groove’s revolutionary software. Effectively growing organic traffic…

SEO-Friendly Blog Content Examples

Learn some new SEO-friendly blog content examples, quick and easily with Groove. Start your post by creating a clear structure including high quality content, embedding videos, graphics and more.

SEO-Friendly Content Examples

Optimizing for search engines is one of the most important things you can do for your page. SEO-friendly content helps your page rank high, click here for examples on how to create engaging content

How Many Keywords Should You Focus On Per Page

Relevant content is essential for on-page SEO. Targeting one or two keywords should be your focus per page. So, being as specific as possible would be the most effective way to enhance SEO performance

Multiple Domain SEO Strategy

Having multiple domains makes it a viable advanced strategic approach to your search engine optimization. Groove comes fully compact with 20apps, all with amazing and powerful capabilities to…

How To Optimize Images For Web SEO

Want to know ways to optimize images for web SEO? First, relevant and high quality images which look good on the page. Simply by customizing the filename to your keyword phrase, adding alt text…

Are Images Important For SEO

Using images can help improve your webpage SEO, however, these should be really high quality and relevant images. Groove makes it easy and free to optimize and add these images to your webpage.

How To Add Keywords To Website HTML

Simply by using Groove's free page builder you can add keywords to your website’s HTML in a much easier and faster way than coding or programming with HTML. Grab your free account to learn more…

SEO Friendly Website Design Guidelines

Designs are important for your marketing, and for creating an SEO-friendly website. With Groove, a variety of high quality, professional templates are available, created by our designers for free.

What s SEO-Friendly Content

SEO-friendly content is high quality content which helps the search engines rank high.This strategic method directs your content in a way which search engines can read to fast-track your reachability.

The Number Of Characters Recommended For Title Tag

SEO websites recommend a title tag length of 50-70 characters, depending on the screen size of users. However, there is no official rule regarding the length of the title tag and meta descriptions...

How Many Words Per Page For SEO

Webpage SEO does not require many words per page. And you can even attain a high page ranking with little on-page content. These one-page websites are popular on Groove and can be done totally free.

How To Use Videos To Improve SEO

Video marketing is a great way to improve your page SEO. Using relevant content with the same keyword as your webpage and embedding into your page. This is made quick, easy and free with GrooveVideo.

Website Builder With Search Engine Optimization

Groove allows you to build your own website and gives you access to both fundamental and advanced SEO strategies for free, including keyword tags, URL optimization and search phrases...

How To Do Search Engine Optimization For My Website

Search engine optimization can be done by adding the keywords associated with your website to its title, description, url, keyword tags, etc. This can be done easily and for free through Groove SEO...

Can You Do SEO By Yourself

The question many people ask is, can you do SEO by yourself? Don’t worry the answer is yes. A quick way to start is with the world’s number one page builder, Groove makes it easy with a suite of apps.

Can You Do SEO For Free

Interested in having an all-in-one platform with a complete overview of the basics of SEO, Groove solves all problems for you. Groove makes you learn how to do SEO yourself, it's free and simple!

What Is The Most Important Off Page SEO Activity

Off-page SEO are procedures which take place outside of your website. This SEO strategy aims to drive traffic to your page by building a network of links which boost authority in search.

What Is The Single Most Important On-Page SEO Factor

On-page SEO is optimizing individual webpages in order to rank. This is one of the most important factors, so having relevant, high-quality content as this directs your targeted audience to your page.

Best SEO Techniques For Blog

GrooveBlog allows you to easily optimize your blog's content for search engines absolutely free. SEO techniques would help you retain and increase your content to make your blog rank higher in Google

Best SEO Strategy For New Website

SEO strategy is a detailed plan that helps a website's organic growth. Groove offers one free website builder which has everything needed to apply the best SEO strategies to get your page to the top.

What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

Keyword research tools facilitate your SEO planning in numerous ways. From an SEO perspective, the Google keyword tool is built, putting advertisers first. Keywords for SEO help your website attract…

Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Staying on top of SEO takes a bit of research and techniques...Google’s aim is to rank search results…this means more traffic, more conversions, thus, increased revenue.

GroovePages SEO

Did you know GroovePages™ is the fastest loading speed for your websites, performance and SEO capabilities. GroovePages™ is the best way for you to maximize ranking and exposure on Google.

GrooveFunnels SEO

Improve your website’s ranking with GrooveFunnels™. With Groove you have access to tons of tutorials and training, which would have you up and running to professionally optimize your...

Groove SEO

Want to know the best way to improve your website’s rankings? Groove SEO will help you dominate in beating your competition. With Groove you can stream live, build….