A Dog's Day

A Dog's Day

Sep 02, 2022

After yet another frigid, Northeastern winter, my parents decided to migrate South.  
The copper-colored canine slept at the foot of the bed. 
Sometime in the middle of the night, she moved from her customary head-on-the-pillow spot—a tad too warm snuggled next to her master.

As the sun lifted a lazy eye over the horizon, the dog opened one of her own, recognized the first morning rays, and rolled over.
“Way too early,” she thought.

A startling human contraption began to blare loudly across the room.
Master woke up, staggered to the noise, smacked it, and sat on the stool.
He draped an arm on the dog’s mane.

“Lucky you,” said the Master. “You don’t have to go to work.”
The dog glanced up with a soulful look.
“If only you knew what goes on around here when you leave,” she mused.

As the Master dressed, the dog gathered strength.
“Almost time for me to do the dance,” she reminded herself. “He gets upset if I don’t do the dance.”
They moved to the kitchen.
The Master began his routine.
“What do you want?” he asked picking up the dog’s bowl.

“Guess I better spin around a few times—pretend to chase my tail.” 
The dog began to twirl.

“Do you want some food?” the Master cooed.
“Guess I better jump up and down like a doofus and act enthusiastic.  Heavens forbid he should leave on a sour note.” 
She hopped like a bunny on her back legs, let her tongue hang out feigning great interest.

The Master set the food down.
“Take it,” he commanded.

“Guess I better woof this down with gusto.”
She reminded herself of her duty—act like a knucklehead with unbridled enthusiasm because this clod of an owner takes life way too seriously.
She gobbled every last morsel in less than a minute.

“See you after work,” promised the Master with a parting pat.
“Really?” reasoned the dog. “There’s a new one. You mean another day at the office, followed by another night on the couch.  How exciting! I’ll be here—no doubt.  
Guess I better follow him to the garage and look mournful.”

“We’ll play ball later, I swear,” declared the Master.
“Yeah, right,” the dog wondered. “We’ll see if I can beat out the remote.”
The Master closed the door.

“Guess I better head for the front window.”
The dog stood at attention in a final farewell, waited for the car to turn the corner, and relaxed.

“Enough already,” she inwardly sighed. “Where’s the sun? I need to bask and digest that mess I inhaled.”
The dog wandered the house, slumped on the tile beneath the skylight.
“I’ll wait until the sun dries the grass before I go out,” she decided.

“Oof,” she exclaimed as she settled down for a nap. 
“What a day!”

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