Break The Mold

Break The Mold

Apr 07, 2022

The trumpet player threw down his instrument in disgust.

In another town, not too far away, the dancer hung up her shoes.

The little leaguer chucked his glove into the drawer, informed his Mom that he no longer stood to bat.

On a job site, a frustrated worker punched out before time.

A college sophomore dropped out before final exams.

A disgruntled spouse took a suitcase, a pile of clothes and drove off into the sunset.

In the third week of a three month program, two friends blow off their diet and head for the ice cream shop.

New Year’s resolutions would more accurately be labeled New Day’s resolutions.

Easy start, easy stop.

We suffer from a lack of grit.

At the first sign of tension or trouble we look for the quick fix, seek the magic bullet, the perfect pill, the lotto ticket.

How will we ever feel the true elation of victory, the profound satisfaction of a valiant struggle, regardless of the final result?

How did we fall so off track?

Who led us here?

Did we do this to ourselves?

Often, we see tendencies in our personal history.

Did a parent teach us broad entitlement, a false sense of expectation, that we somehow deserved more than others, even without effort?

Can’t we look past the shallow media exhortations, manipulative insinuations that the latest, greatest will somehow improve our lot without additional contributions from us?

I live in fear that somehow my own children will miss this lesson.

I stress my brain to find ways of showing discipline and its rewards, perseverance and its ultimate power, stick-to-it-iveness and the value of not giving up.

How can I lead by example, go the extra mile in every venture or endeavor, help them even, to find challenging circumstances that will test their mettle in the supportive embrace of Daddy’s stalwart faith?

How can we learn to tell the truth to those who ask what it takes, to act as real friends, the kind that never hesitate to confront difficult questions with honest answers—no, nothing worthwhile will flow your way by accident.

I can only express my complaint by the steps I take to create a solution, not a perpetuation of an all too pervasive problem.

I have to walk the walk.

If asked, I have to talk the talk.

If not asked, I keep my mouth closed and my feet moving.

What about you?

Will you drink from the grail or settle for the flavor of the day?

Will you gaze from the summit, give up before you reach the top or never even bother to tread upward?

What legacy will you leave those that follow?

I’ll take my walking shoes off when the trail wears thin from the legions that make the decision to step out.

Dust yours off.

Nice day for a hike…

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