Champion Ways

Champion Ways

Apr 21, 2022

“How much further to the waterfall?” the little boy asked.

“Up around the bend, champion,” the old man answered with a chuckle.

“That’s what you said last time, Paw-Paw.” The boy paused. “What’s a champion?”

The old man gazed down upon his grandson before answering. 

“A champion is someone who believes they can win and who keeps on trying until they do,” he said.

“You mean champions don’t always win?” the boy queried.

“No, son. Champions don’t always win—but they believe that they can and eventually they do. Most champions lose many times before they win.”

“That sounds hard, Paw-Paw,” the boy remarked.

“Sometimes. You have to grow a champion muscle.” The old man pointed down the path. “Do you see that butterfly?”  

“Yes, sir.”

“Where did it come from?”

“From a cocoon,” the boy replied. “You showed me that on the purple butterfly bush.”

“How did it get out?” the old man continued.

“It grew its wings and broke through.” The boy beamed.

“What happened when you helped one of the butterflies break through?” the old man prodded in a soft voice.

The boy’s face dropped. “Its wings weren’t strong enough and it fell to the ground where it died.”

“That’s right. In order to fly, butterflies need to first grow strong.” The old man placed his palm on the boy’s shoulder. “People are the same way. To be a champion, we have to become strong. Usually though, it’s not the actions that need to be strong—it’s the belief.”

”What do you mean, Paw-Paw?” the boy asked.

The old man stopped and bent down to eye level.

“Do you remember when you learned how to ride your bike?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you remember how you fell down?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you remember how you had cuts and scrapes and had to go get Band-Aids and even cried a few tears?”

“Yes, sir—but not that many,” the boy declared.

“Why did you keep getting up?” The old man pushed.

“Because I knew I could do it,” the boy stated. “If Sammy could do it, then I knew I could, too.”

“That’s right,” the old man nodded. “Sometimes you have to borrow somebody else’s belief until yours becomes strong enough that you don’t need it. You saw Sammy do it and you believed that if he could, so could you.” The old man grinned at the boy. “Was is that hard to get up after you fell?”

“No,” the boy barked.

“Of course not,” the old man affirmed. “It never is if you believe. Champions know that.”

The old man took the boy’s hand and began to stand.

The boy tugged on his finger and held him still. His brown eyes looked straight at the old man. 

“I’m always going to be a champion, Paw-Paw,” the boy declared. “’Cause I can always get up.”

“Yes, you can,” the old man smiled. “Yes, you can.”

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