These Magic Fingers

These Magic Fingers

May 27, 2022
The guitarist’s fingers flew up and down the neck and across the body of his instrument.  

They plucked and strummed, formed chord after chord, bent the strings to their will, pulled music from the air.
Completely captivated I stared at those magic fingers.

What about you?
What have your hands done for you today?

Did they rub your eyes when you first woke up, brush your teeth, comb your hair?  
Did they hug a loved one, prepare your breakfast, dress you?  
Did they turn the key, drive your car, wave at a neighbor?
Did they hold your baby, young or old?
Did they scratch the itch behind your ear?

Each day I wrestle with how to replace expectation with appreciation, to not take things for granted, like my hands.  
I struggle to find something that I can give thanks for, rather than complain about.
Not that easy.

Our natural tendency drives us toward expectations. Things are supposed to be certain ways.

“I pay my taxes—these roads shouldn’t have potholes. I work hard—I deserve a reward. It’s summertime—where’s the sunshine?”

Expectations lead to judgments and grudges when those “expected things” don’t turn out the way we thought they should.  
Grudges shut us down, rob us of our humanity, close our minds.
“I’m mad about it, and I’m not gonna take this anymore.”

And holding on to that upset will somehow change things for the better?

Unmet expectations keep us focused on the problem not the solution.
Appreciation on the other hand, creates space, brings forth creativity, opens our hearts.

Good days, bad days, fabulous days and those we’d rather forget—every day brings new challenges and every challenge offers a choice: expectation or appreciation? 
What’s it to be?

In the winter cold, my hands hurt.  
In the summer heat, my hands swell.  
Regardless, the discomfort serves up a reminder.  
Do I curse the weather or gently talk to these magic fingers that give me so much, even when they ache?

The first option cuts off my lifeline, shrouds my soul in gray.  
I host a private pity party, with yours truly as the lone, honored guest.  
I stare at a blank computer screen and expect the muse to flow.  
It never does.

The second, evokes feelings of tenderness. 
 I massage the stiffness from my joints and express gratitude for the energy that pulses from palm to nail.  
I waltz with the keyboard, start to tap, feel the juice stream, surge and cascade.  
We form a mutual admiration society, my magic fingers and me.  
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  
The muse runs wild.

Take a moment to look down at your hands.  
Pause and reflect on what they have already given you this day.  
Find your own way to give thanks and feel your heart blossom.

Those magic fingers...

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