Why So Strict?

Why So Strict?

Jun 17, 2022
Camille, Linus and I stopped by the grocery store a few nights ago to pick up certain last minute items for dinner.
We only needed three or four things, two packages of salad fixings, chicken breasts and a tomato.
When the cashier spoke the total, something told me that a mistake had been made.
I glanced at the bill and discovered only one of the lettuce packs.

“Excuse me,” I said. “I think you only charged me for one of these.” 
I held up the greens.
He glanced at the bill.
“You’re right,” he admitted. “Thanks for being so honest.”
No worries,” I smiled.

Later, I began to ponder why integrity plays such a major role in my life?
Why do I place such a premium on loyalty, honesty and the virtue of my word?
Where did this value system come from?

I reflected on my father, who holds honor as a driving principle.
Did I get it from him?
Certainly some of it.

I weighed the causality aspect, the knowledge that it never matters whether we get caught in the secular realm.
No one escapes the effects of what they do, effects that manifest in myriad, unexpected ways.
This understanding plays a daily role.

What about my kids?
Do I behave that way to show them a different way, to paint an image of upstanding citizenry in the hopes that they will follow that lead?
Of course, another piece of the mosaic.

What about the shock effect, the sheer delight it gives me to see someone like the cashier wear that look of incredulity, watch the smile form and the face light up?
Can I call that yet another driver?
I guess so.

On some level, all of these matter.
All of them pull the puzzle together.

At the root though, another energy burns strongly.
My life knows right from wrong.
Though easily distracted, it takes a mere moment to decide whether to stray or follow the straight and narrow.
The consequences of that decision last forever.

It feels good to do right.
It feels good to walk with head high and eyes clear.
It feels good to carry genuine pride everywhere, an earned dignity that can never be bought.

When I gaze into the eyes of my children, I find all the more reason to pay careful attention.
What takes years to build, can crumble in a split second. 
Who will they trust when the big challenges cripple their will and cause them to waiver?
Will they call or will they crumble?
What legacy will govern then?

No one can predict when large obstacles will test us, try to force us off course, away from our commitments.
We can only plan and expect that they will.
At that time, I want to be ready.

That’s why I’m so strict.

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