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NOTICE: This Is NOT A Webinar! It's A FREE 60-Minute Live Groove Coaching Interactive Session To Help YOU!

 ATTENTION: New Groovesters Just Getting Started With Groove...

Want To Learn Internet Marketing & Online Business From Veteran Industry Mentors? 

Discover How To Leverage Groove To Access Everything You Need To Start & Grow A Profitable Business!

PLUS: Surprise Bonuses And Invitations For LIVE Attendees (Limited Time Only)

Join This Coaching Session
  • What: Groove Coaching (Now TWICE a week!)

  • FREE 60-minute small group coaching session. Attend live to network, ask questions and access resources for attendees. Plus: Learn all about Groove Premium+ and take advantage of a special offer at the end. Please note that this meeting is NOT for customer service, technical support or JV communication, but rather a meeting to help you with Internet marketing and online business.

  • Where:

    Attend on your laptop or desktop computer for the full interactive experience

  • When: 

    Monday, 10pm EST/7pm PST


    Wednesday, 10am EST/7am PST

  • Please convert days and times into your own time zone. Register for full details of next and future sessions.



  • Who: Meet Your Coach

  • "Simon Leung is a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur, award-winning professional speaker, International best-selling author, digital marketing trainer, corporate consultant, business mentor and life coach."

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    Why You Should Attend This Session...

    If you’re looking for more “game-changing” and “mind-blowing” ways to start or grow your business…

    Plus ways to generate reliable and consistent income — no matter where you are in your business right now...

    And how to easily implement the tactics using Groove.

    Come join us for the next FREE live small group coaching session...

    It’s important to keep up as technology and effective strategies change rapidly.

    This is why the 7th Habit of Highly Effective People (thanks Steven Covey) is to sharpen the saw… to continue to learn what’s working now in this ever-changing economy from...

    Experts with proven processes, real results, and secrets they’ll be sharing with you.

    They’ve been there, done that.

    And will show you how you can, too.

    Want To See Even More Reasons Why You Should Attend?

    How It Works?

      When you reserve your seat, you’ll receive an email every time we have a new session to let you know how you can participate and benefit from not only the information and strategies, but also real-time interaction with fellow members just like you.

      This guarantees a new experience each time, as we will be working with different members to answer their own questions and help them in their unique situations.

      Make the most of these sessions…

    • Attend the sessions prepared to interact, because we want to engage with you!

    • Ask any question you want about marketing with Groove

    • Make sure you understand the full benefits of Groove Premium Lifetime and how it can help your business

    • Network with fellow members who are like-minded with whom you can learn and earn together

    • Learn how Groove Premium both makes and saves you money for LIFE

    • How to get started with your Groove business right away

    • Incredible exclusive bonuses AVAILABLE ONLY for live attendees!

    • PLUS: Special offer with exclusive bonuses announced when you stay until the end.

    • And so much more you won't want to miss... Make sure you attend the next session!

    What You Can Expect

    One of the big challenges entrepreneurs face is who to get advice from. At Groove, we know this is a huge problem, especially with so many webinars and live streams that are going on all the time.

    It gets worse. Often, these people are "fake gurus" who don't know what they are talking about.

    And their sessions?

    They're one-way, not helpful, and oftentimes automated.

    For this session, expect an amazing, live and interactive experience in REAL TIME… where we will coach you and answer all your questions about Groove.

    And if we don't have all the answers,  we will direct you straight to the sources and experts who will! 

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    What To Do Now?

    If you haven’t reserved your seat by now, and you’re still reading… I imagine there’s one fear that’s holding you back… the feeling that you might waste your time and just be presented with all hype and pitch.

    Rest assured this is a coaching session designed to help YOU. We will talk to you, interact with you, and answer your questions. You will walk away with actionable information and high-value content you can immediately use to get huge results with your new Groove Premium Lifetime account.

    Sure, once we deliver some massive value to you, we may let you know how you can upgrade your account and continue to work with us further to implement what we’ve shown you. And Groove, being a smart marketing company, may earn revenue and affiliate commissions from those sales. But this only happens AFTER the coach gives you some game-changing strategies that you can easily implement on your own.

    In fact, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you really want to sign up now and watch how Groove does it. Just being part of this small group coaching session is a masterclass of affiliate marketing, live events production and professional sales. You’ll want to pay attention to every word of our presentations and carefully crafted emails and add them to your swipe/inspiration file!

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