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Registration Confirmed!

  • Mark your calendar: The next Groove Coaching sessions are scheduled for this upcoming Monday at 10pm EST/7pm PST AND Wednesday at 10am EST/7am PST (Please convert to your own time zone). Proceed to Step #1 below for the access link, which will be accessible when the session goes live at the specified time.



    You should have already received the details on how to join this session in your email.

    Check for an email in your inbox (as well as other folders) from Simon Leung with a subject line: "Groove Small Group Coaching Confirmation"

    If you don't see the email right away, please give it some time for the automation magic to happen, or simply set your own alarm and notification to come back to this page to access the session.

    Also, if you've already registered for the Groove Small Group Coaching series, your registration is updated and you will not receive a new confirmation email, but you will get a reminder the day of the event!

    STEP 1:


    At the scheduled day and time of the Groove Coaching session (as highlighted above), please click below to join your fellow coaches and participants in the live session.

    Ignore any conflicting dates, times or other details that may be reflected on the access page.

    The meeting will go live at the scheduled day and time of this coaching session as highlighted above.

    Access The Meeting Here

    STEP 2:


    Click below to fill out the 1-on-1 consultation application

    Apply For A Private Consultation

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