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The All-In-One Funnel Builder Designed To Skyrocket Conversions and Grow Businesses Fast

Forget duct-taped together platforms and regain control over your online business with a single, fully-integrated platform

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Skyrocket Conversions with Ready-Made Funnels

What is a Funnel?

Isn’t a Funnel Just a Website?

Partly, but they are so much more. A funnel is a carefully constructed sales journey your customer or prospect follows which motivates them to purchase one or more of your offers.

It usually includes a set of conversion-focused and highly optimized web pages and follow-up email campaigns

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Get Leads

How do I Collect Leads?

Funnels comes with expertly designed templates created to drive your conversions and capture those precious leads.To attract leads, use Groove’s high-converting funnel templates to offer something of value and usually for free in exchange for a visitor’s personal information, like an email address or a name. This is your lead magnet.

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Sell Products

How does a Funnel Sell my Product?

There are so many ways, all fully automated with Groove’s powerful marketing technology:

    Primary and Digital Product(s)

  • Present your main offer to your prospect by using conversion-focused web pages. They either buy, or they don’t.


  • No sale? Use another part of your funnel, a downsell page, to present an alternative offer to rescue the sale.

    One-Click Upsell

  • And if they do buy, offering another product on an upsell page boosts your sales - all done with a single click.


  • A clear and usually low-dollar product for catching the impulse buyer on the checkout page.

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Funnel Followup

Is that the End of the Funnel?

No, this is just the beginning. Now is the time to unleash the power of Internet marketing. Use data to segment your customers and target your follow-up marketing.

Automate personalized and highly-focused campaigns, with new products, products recommendations, and product promotions.Groove can do all of this with:

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Direct Mail

All fully automated and integrated so you can grow your business while your systems work for you, not against you.

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Start Selling Fast

Ready-To-Convert Templates

Funnels comes with conversion-focused funnel templates to get your money-making funnel up and running fast.

Never start a funnel from scratch again, with fully customizable templates and all the features of GroovePages® to create the best-looking and best-performing funnels on the Internet.

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Empower Your Brand

Designed By Experts

Conversion Optimized

Get ready to launch with industry-leading, fully optimized funnels designed by our digital marketing experts.

We created each template using decades of collective testing, tweaking, and knowledge so you can stand on our shoulders to get the best conversions for your business.

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Build Your Business with High-Converting Funnels, All Possible in Groove

Here’s a small taste of what’s possible…

Recurring Income

Freemium Funnel

Best suited to memberships or SaaS products, this funnel presents a free or low-cost trial before switching the customer to a recurring monthly payment. It’s perfect for customer acquisitions and building recurring revenue.


  • Landing Page to register for the limited trial.

  • Checkout page that provides the next steps that lead to…

  • A One Time Offer (OTO), like limited lifetime membership, to capture the sale right away.

  • A Downsell page to offer even more value if your customer declines the OTO.

  • A Thank You Page to show gratitude and communicate the next steps.

If you need followup emails, a membership area, or another way to promote new products… well Groove has all the tools to go in any direction.

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Anytime Launch

The Book Funnel

You’re selling more than just a book in this funnel. The book is a low entry point to your higher-priced offer. It builds momentum, captures customer attention, and warms them for the upcoming offers.

Here’s how the funnel works:

  • A Landing Page to sell the low-ticket book.

  • A Checkout page to recap benefits and close the deal, all leading to…

  • A One Time Offer page where you offer your higher-priced product.

  • If they skip the OTO, save the sale with a lower-priced downsell

  • A Thank You Page to remind the customer of any next steps and product delivery.

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Go Viral

Butterfly Marketing Funnel

Now, this is where it gets really interesting. Imagine if one sale could have the ripple effect of generating 10x sales over and over again, all automated, and creating passive income while you sleep. It’s real. It’s called Butterfly Marketing.

Here’s how to create this dream for yourself:

  • Create a landing page where you give an extremely high-value product away for free, such as a course. It should seem too good to be true.

  • Follow up with a high-value product for a one-time only price. A tool that helps them implement what they previously received for free is ideal.

  • Flow through any number of upsells and downsells: it’s up to you.

  • Once done, create your new customer an account in Member. Deliver your free item, and whatever else they purchased, and also make them an instant affiliate for your product - all done with Affiliate.

  • Provide the promo tools needed to promote your product for you, with attractive tiered affiliate structures depending on their member level.

  • They then go and promote your product to their audience…

  • … and you’ve created a repeatable, income-generating loop!

This is the power of digital marketing at its absolute best. Fully automated with little to no intervention from you - all possible within Groove.

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Transform Your Online Presence

Craft visually stunning websites effortlessly. 'Pages' empowers you with unmatched design flexibility, replacing GroovePages and other platforms. Elevate your brand with captivating web experiences.

  • Pre-Built Funnels: Choose from a variety of conversion-focused funnel templates.

  • Lead Generation: Capture leads seamlessly throughout your sales journey.

  • Automated Follow-ups: Nurture leads with automated and optimized email campaigns.


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Sales funnel creation:

Design effective sales funnels to guide visitors through a structured journey, optimizing conversions.

Multi-step checkout:

Simplify the purchasing process with a multi-step checkout, reducing friction and increasing completed transactions.

1-Click upsells and downsells:

Encourage additional purchases by offering one-click upsells and downsells after the initial transaction.

Hybrid order bumps:

Boost sales by strategically placing order bump offers in the checkout process for relevant and enticing add-ons.

Advanced analytics and reporting:

Gain insights into funnel performance, allowing data-driven optimizations for increased efficiency.

Integration with payment gateways:

Provide flexibility by integrating with multiple payment gateways for seamless and secure transactions.

Affiliate program management:

Easily manage and incentivize affiliates to promote your products or services within your funnels.

Customizable checkout pages:

Tailor the look and feel of your checkout pages to match your brand and enhance the user experience.

Fully Integrated

Your All-In-One Online Business Platform

Create irresistible funnels and never integrate with another business platform again.

One Single Platform

Run your online business from one platform.

Get a web page builder, funnel designer, automated email CRM, membership site, eCommerce store, blogging platform, and so much more….

All the tools you could ever want to get started making money online today.

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No More Integrations

Never worry about broken links (or Zaps!) again.

Groove apps come fully integrated so you don’t have to buy extra software to keep all your tech talking to each other.

Built with simplicity in mind, Groove removes the headache and extra overhead of using multiple apps for your business.

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No Coding? No Dev.

It’s never been easier to start an online business.

Groove removes the need to hire an expensive dev team so you can create a life-changing online business yourself.

It’s all possible in Groove’s WYSIWG platform - no coding needed.

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What Groove Users Say About Us

I had a big “a-ha” moment today when I came to realize that I don’t feel paralyzed anymore by creating the wrong thing or making the wrong offer. Groove literally removes all of the big scary costly (time, money & resource-related) risks

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