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Create Powerful Automated Marketing Webinars and Free Up Your Time

Perfect the art of the Webinar and Convert like Crazy

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Generate Sales on Autopilot with Conversion-Focused Webinars


    Revolutionize your Funnel with Automated Webinars

  • Unleash the power of automated webinar marketing to save yourself hours, engage your audience, and skyrocket conversions with a perfectly crafted pre-recorded presentation.

    Designed by Webinar Experts

  • All the functionality you need to capitalize on the high-converting techniques the webinar marketing pros are using right now to send webinar sales into the stratosphere.

    Continually Optimize

  • Craft Polls and Surveys to create and maintain viewer engagement, and gather feedback during and after the webinar so you know how to optimize your pitch.


    Boost Attendance with Flexible Webinar Scheduling

  • Create a one-time or recurring webinar. Customize the broadcast times for a user’s timezone, the number of recurrences and the start and end dates to capture your audience wherever they are.

    Drive Attendees to your Webinar

  • Build pre-webinar excitement and keep your webinar top of mind with automated Email and SMS notifications.

    Perfect the Webinar Experience

  • Control the whole experience by enabling chats and Q&A, loading automated chats to answer common questions and spark engagement, along with so much more.

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Webinar Marketing

    Webinar Behavior Segmentation

  • Segment by behavior to maximize the power of targeted, follow-up marketing. Engage your audience based on registration, attendance, time spent in the webinar, and whether they purchased.

    Control the Offer for Maximum Conversions

  • Timing is everything. Choose the ideal moment in the webinar to reveal the offer. Customize the time the offer drops and edit headlines and images to drive sales.

Fully Automated

Webinars That Work While you Sleep

Transform your sales funnel with the magic of automated webinars. Save time and engage with your audience in a pitch-perfect sales presentation to send your conversions into the stratosphere. Use all the highly-converting strategies that the top marketers deploy… all from a single app.

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Flexible Scheduling

Make Attending Simple

Minimize attendance friction by leaving it up to your prospect to watch when they want. Set when the automated webinar plays to cover as many timezones as possible. Followup with compelling reminder emails and SMS to drive people to your webinar.

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Empower Your Brand

Target The Sale

Automate your Followup

Create followup email sequences that target your audience according to registration, whether they attended, how far they watched, and whether they purchased. Powerful segmentation used precisely will overcome the objections of your audience to crank up your conversions.

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Generate Sales on Autopilot

Revolutionize your funnel with automated webinars.

  • Automated Webinars: Save time and engage your audience with pre-recorded presentations.

  • Craft Polls and Surveys: Enhance viewer engagement and gather feedback.

  • Add Registration, Confirmation, and Upsell Pages: Craft a complete registration experience seamlessly.


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Groove.ai Webinar

All-in-one platform for live and automated webinars:

Conduct engaging live webinars or set up automated ones, providing flexibility for various types of events.

Customizable webinar registration and thank-you pages:

Create branded and visually appealing pages to attract registrations and express gratitude to attendees.

Built-in email marketing and reminder functionality:

Utilize integrated email tools to promote webinars and send reminders, maximizing attendance.

Interactive features:

Engage participants with interactive elements like polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions during live webinars.

Automated webinar replay functionality:

Maximize the reach of your webinars by providing automated replays for those who couldn't attend live.

Chat functionality:

Foster real-time interaction by enabling chat features, allowing participants to ask questions and engage with the presenter.

Conversion Focused

Convert More Leads Into Sales

Tools to engage, persuade, and convert in every webinar

Drip Your Content

Encourage attendance and keep your customer eyes on the screen by timing the dripping of valuable content during the webinar so you always have the audience’s attention, helping you present the offer at exactly the right time.

Optimize your Offering

Embrace direct feedback on your webinar (like surveys and polls) and indirect feedback (like views, clicks, and conversions) to optimize your webinar offering and drive more sales - all fully integrated with GrooveWebinar™.

Offer Drop When It’s Hot

Control the full webinar experience with automated chats and Q&As to provide a compelling interaction with the audience and deal with questions when they arise. Reveal the offer on the page at exactly the right moment to maximize conversions.

What Groove Users Say About Us

I had a big “a-ha” moment today when I came to realize that I don’t feel paralyzed anymore by creating the wrong thing or making the wrong offer. Groove literally removes all of the big scary costly (time, money & resource-related) risks

Felicia Pagesh


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