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Pages Drag-and-Drop Site Builder is the Fastest, Easiest Page and Funnel Builder in the World

From Simple Pages to the Most Sophisticated Websites and Sales Funnels

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Create Stunning Websites with the World’s Easiest Page Builder



  • Drag in pre-built blocks for whole sections or combine with over 63 customizable elements to effortlessly create your website.


  • Edit any element within your pages giving you complete design control, all within an intuitive zero-code platform.


  • Quickly preview your pages across a wide range of modern devices and make specific adjustments for a pixel-perfect site on any device.

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Empower Your Brand



  • Style each element by adjusting text, color, backgrounds, interactivity, and so much more to create a reusable global template.

    Simple Content Management

  • Drop new content easily onto any page and build up your content without having to adjust a single line of code.

    Write and Edit

  • Edit all your text on the page in an easy WYSIWYG editor. No backend hassle. Simply write, preview, and publish.

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    Free, High-performance Hosting Without the Hassle

  • No hidden or unexpected costs at the end of the month. Just lightning-fast, reliable world-class hosting.

    Create and Publish in Minutes

  • Don’t agonize over hosting maintenance. Simply create, preview, and publish your site: we’ll handle the rest.

    Unlimited Domains and Subdomains

  • Infinitely scalable for one or multiple businesses. Free SSL certificate, secure websites and funnels, and full DNS control built right into the system. No plugins or updating needed.

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    Straightforward SEO Management

  • Have complete control over the SEO essentials like meta titles and descriptions. No in-depth SEO knowledge or coding required.

    Open Graph Setup

  • Make your website social media ready with easy-to-configure social share settings so you shine across all your social channels.

    No Plugins Needed

  • Seamlessly create backend SEO attributes, like indexing and sitemaps, without the need for tech-heavy plugins or costly engineers. It’s all integrated for you.

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    Designed by Expert Marketers

  • All Groove templates have been designed and optimized by experienced marketers, drawing on countless years of testing and millions of data points, and are ready for you to use.

    Hundreds of High Converting Templates

  • Get the extra conversion boost you’re craving with hundreds of highly optimized page templates at your fingertips.

    Elegant Design Without Drowning in Code

  • Beautifully designed, ready-to-use templates look like they’ve been custom-made without you having to write a single line of code.

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Empower Your Brand

Ditch Your Designer

Elegant Templates

It only takes seconds to use one of the hundreds of our beautifully designed, highly-optimized page and funnel templates to have your site up and running fast.

Or build your site section by section by choosing from hundreds of pre-designed blocks. Make your website design simple and fun, not a coding nightmare.

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Customize Font, Colors… Anything!

Choose Your Own Customization

Find the design you love from 100s of templates and just click a few buttons to change your elements to your brand colors and design.

Each element has its own customization menu, making it incredibly easy to make simple changes like resizing an image or changing a button color to match your brand.

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Empower Your Brand


Transform Your Online Presence

Craft visually stunning websites effortlessly. 'Pages' empowers you with unmatched design flexibility, replacing GroovePages and other platforms. Elevate your brand with captivating web experiences.

  • Drag-N-Drop Design: Craft your website with ease using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

  • Customization: Tailor every element to match your brand identity.

  • Responsive Design: Ensure your site looks impeccable on any device.

  • SEO Optimization: Boost your online visibility with built-in SEO tools.


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Drag-and-drop website builder:

Create stunning websites with ease using a user-friendly interface, placing elements exactly where you want them.

Pre-designed blocks and templates:

Jumpstart your design with professionally crafted blocks and templates tailored for various industries and purposes.

Mobile-responsive pages:

Ensure an optimal viewing experience on any device, enhancing user engagement and search engine ranking.

Built-in SEO optimization:

Boost your site's visibility with built-in SEO tools, helping your pages rank higher on search engine results.

Custom code integration:

Tailor your website with custom code snippets, empowering developers to implement specific functionalities.

Unlimited pages:

Scale your online presence without limits, creating as many pages as needed for your business.

Free hosting on your custom domain:

Enjoy cost-effective hosting solutions with the convenience of hosting all your pages on your custom domain.

Built-in analytics:

Track visitor behavior, conversion rates, and other essential metrics to refine your digital strategy.

One-click upsells and downsells:

Maximize revenue per sale with seamless one-click upsell and downsell functionalities.

Integration with other GrooveApps:

Enhance your website's capabilities by seamlessly integrating with other GrooveApps in the ecosystem.

Take Back Control

Eliminate the Hassle of Website and Funnel Design

No coding, no devs. Just the tools you need to launch and scale your business.

Crafted by Marketing Experts

Designed and honed by our team of experienced marketing professionals, these templates mean you’ll always be confident that your design is sleek, professional, and conversion-optimized.

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Rapid Launch

An intuitive WYSIWYG drag-and-drop builder, easily customizable elements, and pre-designed templates for any industry mean you can be up and running in no time - without coding or developers.

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SEO & Social Ready

Show your business to the world and capture more customers with our simple SEO optimization settings and OpenGraph config.

No flaky plugins or complex coding required: effortless setup only.

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I had a big “a-ha” moment today when I came to realize that I don’t feel paralyzed anymore by creating the wrong thing or making the wrong offer. Groove literally removes all of the big scary costly (time, money & resource-related) risks

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