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Captivate your Audience and Drive Conversions with Marketing-Oriented Videos integrated with Powerful Engagement Tools

Embrace the power of video marketing… all fully connected with the rest of your Groove apps

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Unleash the Incredible Power of Video Marketing


    Video Hosting Made Easy

  • Upload, manage, customize, and share your video so you can use them across your pages for all your video marketing campaigns.

    Upload and Share Instantly

  • Upload videos seamlessly from your computer, from other Internet locations, or link from YouTube into Groove.

    Build Your Video Library

  • Manage all your videos in one place, so you never lose track of them again. Add and maintain categories for your videos on a platform built for all your video needs.

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    Powerful Customer Acquisition

  • Add engaging buttons and forms to your video so you can turn passive viewers into eager action takers.

    Add a Call To Action

  • Add a CTA to your videos, with its own text overlay, so you can use the power of video marketing to drive higher conversions.


    Captivate with Video

  • Enthrall your prospects with video that sells, ready to be placed into any part of your funnel.

    Viewers to Customers

  • Video marketing is a powerful component of any marketing strategy. Turn your viewers into engaged customers with conversion-focused videos.

    Video Analytics

  • Always see how you’re performing with real-time impressions, video finishes, and total time watched for each of your videos.

Instant Hosting

Easy Upload and Hosting

Take the stress out of video storage. Upload all your content in one place inside Groove. Easily share across the platform, using it in your marketing campaigns or providing hot content for your audience.

Link to videos hosted elsewhere on the Internet or straight from YouTube to use anywhere in your funnel.

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Craft An Experience

Engage your Audience with Video

Elevate your videos with Groove to produce an engaging rather than passive viewing experience.

Create attention-grabbing interaction in your videos. Add forms and buttons to motivate action, building a whole experience around your content that captures the imagination of your audience and boosts customer connection and brand authority.

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Empower Your Brand

Powerful Marketing

Conversion Optimized Videos

More than ever before, video marketing should be front and center in your marketing strategy. Add CTAs to your videos, with text overlay, to create interaction and drive conversions higher than any of your usual marketing methods.

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Video Content Is King

Build your Video Library

Create an engaging library of content, organizing everything by categories. Navigate your ever-growing video library by searching by category or by video so you always have your content right at your fingertips.

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Empower Your Brand


Unleash the Power of Video Marketing

Effortlessly manage and share videos across your pages. 'Video' simplifies video hosting.

  • Effortless Uploads: Seamlessly upload videos from various sources, ensuring a hassle-free process from start to finish.

  • Instant Sharing: Share your videos instantly after uploading, maximizing engagement and outreach across multiple platforms.

  • Video Hosting Made Easy: Upload, manage, customize, and share your videos effortlessly, making them readily available for all your video marketing campaigns across your pages.


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All-in-one video hosting and marketing platform:

Host, manage, and market your videos seamlessly within an integrated platform.

Customizable video player:

Enhance the visual appeal of your videos by customizing the video player and branding options.

Advanced video analytics:

Track video views, engagement, and conversion rates to measure the impact of your video content.

Interactive features:

Drive audience interaction with built-in calls-to-action (CTAs) and clickable links within your videos.

Advanced video embedding options:

Integrate videos seamlessly into websites and funnels with advanced embedding options.

Video player security and privacy options:

Protect your video content with built-in security and privacy features.

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I had a big “a-ha” moment today when I came to realize that I don’t feel paralyzed anymore by creating the wrong thing or making the wrong offer. Groove literally removes all of the big scary costly (time, money & resource-related) risks

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